If you are a homeowner or landlord and are thinking of upgrading your heating system, SEAI will offer you a grant of €3,500 to install a Heat pump. These grants are for existing houses only and it must have been built before 2011.

A condition of applying for this Heat Pump grant is the requirement to carry out a Technical Assessment. At Midland Energy Consultants all our assessors can also carry out this Technical assessment and help with the SEAI Heat Pump grant application. 

SEAI offer a grant of €200 towards the Technical Assessment which is only payable if you install the heat pump.

HEAT Pump Grant amounts.

Why do you need a Technical Assessment?

Heat Pumps are cheap to run and are an extremely efficient way of heating a home but only when they are installed in homes that are suitable. If your home is poorly insulated and/or draughty, then a heat pump will struggle to heat your property and keep it at a comfortable temperature. This will result in high electrical usage and high electricity bills.

The Technical Assessors role is to make sure your property is heat pump ready and if it is not, detail what upgrade works that are required to make the property suitable for a heat pump. 

At Midland Energy Consultants our assessors will guide you through these upgrades and outline additional grants available for insulation. 

As part of the Technical Assessment our assessors will carry out a full survey of your property, looking at wall and roof insulation levels, windows/ doors and ventilation to assess the heat loss of your property. This will help us detail the most cost-effective upgrade works that will result in a comfortable house that is cheap to run.

When this survey is completed, we will provide you with a Technical Assessment that you can submit as part of your heat pump application. When the Heat Pump is installed, we call back to the property and carry out a Building Energy Rating (BER) and sign the SEAI grant declaration of works forms which is the final step to claiming your grant.